March 12, 2024

I read that today. But it's something I've used to make hard decisions before.

It's a variation on the theme that I read about years ago from James Altucher in his book, “The Power of No.”

Saying “No” is so freeing.

Put another way, I often lament about decisions. Like when somebody asks you for a favor… and you clearly don't want to do it and it's not an easy thing they're asking.

So you hem and haw about it. You worry about it. Anxiety soars. And–eventually–you either say yes or no.

When you could have–should have–just said no.

Same with customers… if they want to pay you for a job or project you just don't want to do–it doesn't turn you on–just say no.

You're either going to eventually say no after a lot of mental distress OR you're going to say yes and the project will wind up looking like a no.

Just say, “No,” more often and you'll feel a lot better.

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March 11, 2024

I'm going to leave this right here:

Chris Sununu is the self-styled ‘moderate’ Republican governor of New Hampshire. He has spent the past few years lambasting former president Donald J. Trump. Sununu has called Trump “f**king crazy” (April 2022), a “loser” (April 2023), a “coward” (January 2024), and an “asshole” (February 2024). 

On Saturday, Sununu endorsed Trump. 


Read the whole article. The lead story is 1,000,000x worse.

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March 8, 2024

I think you already know the answer: Elon Musk jacks up prices and makes EVs more expensive to drive than ICE cars.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist (sorry, not sorry, Space-X) to know this is exactly what will happen.

And then all you'll hear is a bunch of crying from people who damn well should have known better.

In fact, I'm all for federal government intervention here – make ALL the charging stations work for all the EV models out there. Make the car manufacturers settle on ONE connection.

This bullshit has already played itself out with shitty iPhone chargers that you need to replace every time you get a new phone–and they're super expensive and no better than the industry standard (USB-C).

But just wait til Musk gets his grimy monopolist's hands all over space commerce, EV chargers, satellites, and BRAINS!

Fuck all…

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March 6, 2024


So now that Nikki Haley has dropped out of the running for the Republican nomination for President, what is the over-under on when (not if) she will endorse Trump by bending a knee and kissing the ring?

I say less than a week.

Some may argue “Never!” except we've seen this movie before.

Nikki Haley WILL kiss the ring. But when?

Takeaways from Super Tuesday – CNN

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March 2, 2024

Originally published here with permission of the author, me. And oh, by the way, laughter is contagious. Watch the hilarious video below.

This the number one meme “template” for a reason.

It sounds counter-intuitive, doesn't it?

Unhappy? Smile! WTF? Are you serious?

Damn skippy!

We often think that smiling is the result of being happy. But it’s actually a two-way street.

People DO smile when they are happy.

But try this the next time you’re sad: SMILE!

Smiling can actually make you happier than you currently are. It’s true. Watch the video to see.

I tell my kids all the time when they’re in a bad mood: Smile.

They think I’m being a jerk, and sometimes I am.

But I learned this trick a LONG time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (in my teens – oh, so long ago).

I was a mostly happy kid but I did experience quite a bit of sadness at an early age.

My dad and my grandmother died within one month of each other, right around Christmas, when I was 13. Prior to that, my grandmother had suffered with kidney failure and 3x weekly jaunts to dialysis machines for 4 hours at a time.

Since I lived with my grandparents, I spent a lot of time with them at the hospital. Often, alone. It’s tough to hang out for 4 hours in a pickup truck in the hot sun while your grandfather reads every page of the daily newspaper.

So not only was I alone a lot, I wasn’t happy.

I’d get in “funks.” Still do.

And when I do, I smile.

In fact, I practice it.

I suggest you try it. Try it before you’re sad. Practice.

It really works.

The world would be a better place if we’d all smile more.

Less war. More abundance. I truly believe this.

Here's a scientific explanation of what I said above. Kind of. It's about laughter. But I view laughter to smile as video to image. Same ideas conveyed. Movement in one, not the other.

Make sense?

Tell me what you think in the Comments.

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