March 12, 2024

I read that today. But it's something I've used to make hard decisions before.

It's a variation on the theme that I read about years ago from James Altucher in his book, “The Power of No.”

Saying “No” is so freeing.

Put another way, I often lament about decisions. Like when somebody asks you for a favor… and you clearly don't want to do it and it's not an easy thing they're asking.

So you hem and haw about it. You worry about it. Anxiety soars. And–eventually–you either say yes or no.

When you could have–should have–just said no.

Same with customers… if they want to pay you for a job or project you just don't want to do–it doesn't turn you on–just say no.

You're either going to eventually say no after a lot of mental distress OR you're going to say yes and the project will wind up looking like a no.

Just say, “No,” more often and you'll feel a lot better.

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