March 8, 2024

I think you already know the answer: Elon Musk jacks up prices and makes EVs more expensive to drive than ICE cars.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist (sorry, not sorry, Space-X) to know this is exactly what will happen.

And then all you'll hear is a bunch of crying from people who damn well should have known better.

In fact, I'm all for federal government intervention here – make ALL the charging stations work for all the EV models out there. Make the car manufacturers settle on ONE connection.

This bullshit has already played itself out with shitty iPhone chargers that you need to replace every time you get a new phone–and they're super expensive and no better than the industry standard (USB-C).

But just wait til Musk gets his grimy monopolist's hands all over space commerce, EV chargers, satellites, and BRAINS!

Fuck all…

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